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Компания "BIJUR DELIMON International" - крупнейший в мире производитель оборудования автоматических систем централизованной смазки и систем охлаждения, которая включает в себя:

DELIMON (Германия, 1872 г.) - оборудование и системы централизованной смазки.
DELIMON-DENCO Lubrication (Великобритания, 1952 г.) - оборудование и системы централизованной смазки.
DELIMON Cooling (Великобритания, 1972 г.) - системы охлаждения и смазки.
BIJUR Product Inc. (Франция, 1923 г.) - оборудование и системы централизованной смазки.
Lubrimonsa (Испания, 1970 г.) - оборудование и системы централизованной смазки.
FARVAL (США, 1926 г.) - оборудование и системы централизованной смазки.

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Roll coolant systems

Systems custom designed with the coolant flow rate, cleanliness and heat
dissipation meeting the specific requirements of the rolling mill.
Fully automatic systems maintaining the quality of the product produced.
Only high quality products with proven reliability used to provide a system with
a long, low maintenance operational life.
Full system supply/installation or design/partial supply contracts undertaken.


















The pumping station is the
heart of any cooling system.
Denco’s standard pumping
stations range in size from
11/2" to 8” inch pipe diameter,
with flow rates from 50 to
5500 litres per minute.
Pumping stations are
supplied suitably packaged,
skid mounted, pressure
tested and ready for
connection to the
customer’s piping system.
Larger or custom built
stations are available to
meet individual customer
Roll coolant systems
The primary functions of
Roll Coolant Systems on
either Hot or Cold Steel or
Aluminium Rolling Mills is
to lubricate the surface of
the metal and to remove
the heat induced by the
reforming of the metal.
However, the treatment of
the coolant before
application and the
dispersement of the coolant
onto the product are of
prime importance in the
quality of the final product.
The Cooling medium,
usually soluble oil-in-water
for hot mills or kerosene
based oil for cold mills, is
delivered at a controlled
temperature to spray
headers. After being
sprayed, the coolant is
collected and returned to the
main holding reservoir
through a filtration system.
The quality of the coolant
being delivered in terms of
its degree of cleanliness has
a very marked effect on the
surface finish of the final
product, especially on thin
gauge material such as
aluminium foil.



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